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Breathe. Relax. Imagine. Dream.

YouTube Link for Michelle's Sanctuary Sleep Stories

In 2015, Michelle's Sanctuary launched on YouTube, and her work has helped millions of people fall asleep and find a haven to imagine better. Through the power of storytelling, listeners are empowered to use their imagination to self-soothe and dream away as they cross over the bridge between their waking and sleeping lives. A former insomniac, kept up by anxiety and erratic schedule as an entertainer, Michelle cured her sleep pattern with meditations.


Michelle helps people sleep and meditate globally. She has lent her writing talents to popular apps such as Wondery and calm voice to over a dozen companies including Ultrahuman, Aura, Insight Timer, Better Sleep, Slumber, and Hoomband

In addition to offering over 300 free guided meditations and bedtime stories on YouTube, tracks from Michelle's Sanctuary are also available on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, YouTube Music, and Amazon  for streaming and purchase. If you would like to support Michelle's work, donations are always appreciated and help keep content free for those in need. 

In 2024, Michelle launched Meditation Tides, where listeners may enjoy shorter guided meditations as relaxing sound waves help set intentions and bring a state of inner peace.

Michelle's Sanctuary for Sleep

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Reviews from Listeners:

"Your voice and your amazing talent to create peaceful, pain relieving visions through a perfect combination of words is incredibly therapeutic. Thank you so much for helping others to heal ourselves."

                              - Kristin

"I've been listening to your stories for over a year now, and I used to have horrible insomnia. Now, I fall asleep so fast that I can't listen to the entire story anymore. Thank you so much for all the beautiful stories you make for us."

                             - Sophia

"You've actually cured my insomnia! After years of sleepless nights and feeling exhausted every morning, tried sleeping pills, which caused me to build up tolerance and feeling groggy when it was time to get up, not even wanting to get out of bed, because of a brain that just couldn't switch off... You are the only person who makes me fall asleep so quickly, can't even listen to all your stories... Before I know it, I'm fast asleep, and I tell you, this is coming from an incurable insomniac. I thought I was doomed for life. You have an extraordinary gift, Michelle. Thank you for saving my life. Yes, you cured me and you saved my life. Please never stop.                                                                                    - Angelique

"Chronic pain has no chance with your talent. Sleep is a must when you have pain. Pain gets worse without nightly rest. Pain can be less when you listen to The Sanctuary. Thank you!"

                           - George

SAFETY DISCLAIMER:  These videos and audios are created for relaxation and entertainment purposes only. Please only listen when you are in a safe place to fall asleep. These recordings  are not meant to replace the advice of your medical health practitioner. You should always seek the advice of your doctor if you are having long periods of poor sleep and or other mental health concerns. The words of Michelle's Sanctuary are meant to compliment treatments and to help relax and unwind. 

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